Commercial Projects

Hornbuckle Heating & Air Conditioning began using the design-build delivery method for HVAC systems in the 1980s and has partnered on many projects with Quad City-area general contractors and building owners. We have accommodated many different building types in the past and have a large experience base with both conventional and pre-engineered/manufactured buildings. We have successfully negotiated, designed and installed HVAC systems for hundreds of projects since our inception. A select list of examples are:

The HON Company Headquarters Renovation

Muscatine, Iowa

HVAC renovation project—LEED Certified Silver—Responsible for complete demolition of existing HVAC system and design, and installation of new HVAC system using a hybrid of zoned constant volume and variable air volume systems while the building was occupied.

St. Ambrose University Health and Science Building

Davenport, Iowa

New building HVAC system—Responsible for turnkey design and installation of HVAC system using packaged energy recovery ventilators and water source heat pumps for a new building.

John Deere Global Crop Harvesting Product Development Facility

Silvis, Illinois

Turnkey HVAC design and installation for the 2010 building addition, office remodel work and office additions. Design-assist and construction for remodeling/additions to the building including value engineering to reduce the HVAC budget by 25%.

Joplin Petro Addition/Renovation

Joplin, Missouri

Addition and remodel project including demolition of existing systems and turnkey design and installation of new HVAC systems incorporating packaged rooftop equipment, kitchen ventilation systems, DDC controls and variable air volume systems.

Genesis Medical Office Building

Bettendorf, Iowa

HVAC upgrade in three phases in an occupied building to replace aging systems, correct comfort and ventilation issues, and increase system capacity—Phase 1 is complete and phases 2 and 3 are under way.